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UL CUL certified UL listed class 2 transformer 24V XFMR for HVAC

Class 2 transformer havc transformer models, dimensions, structures and electrical  features etc


General Features of UL CUL Approved Class 2 Transformers

  • 50/60Hz working frequency

  • UL 5085, UL, CUL, CE approved for US and EU market

  • Wide range of products selection with output voltage 24V output power  20VA 40VA 50VA 65VA 75VA or 96VA transformers for HVAC industry

  • Class B (130degree Celcius) insulation 120V 110V 208V 240V 277V 380Vor 480V to 24 volt UL listed Class 2 transformer for Boiler, air Conditioner, door bell ,arc furnace or HVAC heating unit. 

  • Multiple way to install, foot mount, single hub or double hubs mount, lead wire mount, terminal mount , channel frame etc

  • Multi-tap inputs, 110V 120V 208V 240V 277V 480V to 24Vac  12Vac for furnace, HVAC , air conditioner etc
  • HVAC Low voltage Step down 24V ac transformers, UL listed or UL recognized. Our UL HVAC XFMR file NO E467797. 
  • UL listed 60HZ 24V for HVAC industry
  • the UL 1585 / 5085 (Class 2) design covers a wider range of voltage and power.  Input either single 120V , 208V, 240V, 277V, 480V or double inputs, multiple inputs, single 24VAC outputs, with power 15VA 20VA 40VA 30Va 50VA 60VA 75VA or 96VA and 60HZ for furnace, heating unit, air conditioners, boilers, door bell or other hVAC unit 

Multiple Models To Choose for UL Listed Class 2 XFMR Transformer HVAC use

Metal frame, foot mount UL CUL certified or listed class 2 HVAC transformer
  • UL listed metal frame class 2 control transformers for HVAC use

  • Class B (130degree celcius)insulation or class F insulation type 2  XFMR with 60Hz working frequency

  • Over current protection, Inherently limited for power under 50VA

  • Outputs could be 24VAC or 12VAC or 24Vac 12Vac and 2.5Vac combined

  • Arc welding HVAC class 2 transformer 120V 60Hz 40VA

  • Foot mount 120Volt to 24 volt, 208V to 24V, 277V to 24V, 380v to 24V, 480V to 24V 40VA  60Hz

  • For power over 40VA ,  24V 50VA, 24V 60VA, 24V 75VA, 24V 96VA with circuit breaker for current protection


  • Single threaded or double threaded hub mount and foot mount 24V HVAC control power transformer.

  • Outputs 12V, 12V or 12v and 24Vac. Inputs single, double or multi-tap, 24V 120V 208V 240V 277V 380V 480V UL listed

  • Current protection with fuse 120V 60Hz for HVAC unit

  • Class 2 transformer 24V (volt)   for HVAC use with metal cover , UL certified , 40VA, 50VA 60VA, 75VA and 96VA

  • Low voltage  transformer,

    Operating Temperature: -30 to 140° F

    MTBF: 100,000 Hours @ 77° F

    Construction: Split-Bobbin

    Approvals: UL5085-3 Class 2, RoHS

  • Plate mount, UL hub mount 120Vac to 24Vac, 208V to 24Vac, 277V to 24Vac, 380V to 24Vac, 480V to 24Vac low voltage UL certified class 2 transformer for Hvac

  • 24V 40VA , 24V 50VA and 24V 96VA HVAC low voltage transformer

Dual Hub Mount UL CUL certified UL listed class 2 transformer 24V XFMR for HVAC

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