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Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformer CT Sensor

1000A-100mV Rogowski Coil Transformer Product Summary

Compared with the conventional transformer, the Rogowski coil has no core magnetic material no magnetic saturation phenomenon, so it can test thousands of amperes of current without saturation, without the risk of secondary open circuit. Because of its fast response speed and unsaturation, it can measure various complex waveforms, which is widely used in power, relay protection, resistance welding and other fields.

* Coil inner diameter can be customized according to the requirements, coil diameter 50 – 600 mm;
* Light weight, easy to carry, flexible design can be used in various irregular installation environment.

1000A-100mV Rogowski Coil Current Sensor Technical Data

Technical Details Customized 
Current Range 50-100K(A)
Working Frequency 50-60(Hz)
Bankwidth 10-1M(Hz)
Rated Output Voltage 1000A-100mV@50Hz(Vac)
Accuracy ≤5%
Linearity ≤1(%FS)
Phase Error ≤90° (δ)
Response Time ≤10(Us)
Isolation Voltage 10(@AC-1min)(KV)
Insulation Impedence 1000(mΩ)(@500vdc)
Working Temperature -20°C to +60 °C
Storage Temperature  -40°C to +70 °C

Rogowski Current Transformer Coil Diaphram

How To Install Rogowski Coil Flexible Current Transformer

Flexible Rogowski Coil AC Current Transformer Typical Curve

Other Requirements 

  • Select the model as per the primary current and cable diameter
  • .Primary current (1.2-1.5 times of rated working current is recommended
  • Secondary output signal and lead length;

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