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Round Shape Residual Current Transformer ZCT

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Vacuum epoxy resin encapsulated, silicon steel sheet core, high overload capacity.

Technical Index: 

-Plate type
-Material of the core: Silicon steel sheet
-Flame resistance: UL94-V0
-Execution standard: GB1208-2006
-Operating temperature: -35°C ~ +85°C
-Storage temperature: -45°C ~ +95°C
-Frequency range: 50Hz – 60Hz
-Dielectric strength: ≥3.5KV 50Hz 1min

-Design to increase the sensivity of residual current monitoring devices

-Capable of capturing very small current

-Nanocrystalline core

-Suitable for Electrical Fire Monitoring System / Motor or Circuit Breaker Protection etc

Model NO Current Ratio Rated output


Rated outut


Accuracy Class Dimensions
KXR-YX80 1:1000


0-1A 0-1V 0.5 35 98 80 25 85 76
KXR-YX100 0-1A 0-1V 0.5 45 98 80 25 85 76
KXR-YX225 0-1A 0-1V 0.5 65 124 112 25 115 105
KXR-YX400 0-1A 0-1V 0.5 80 136 121 28 126 115
KXR-YX630 0-1A 0-1V 0.5 100 170 156 30 160 155

Basic Electrical And Mechanical Parameters

Electrical Parameters Mechanical Parameters
Primary Rated Current 1000mA Case ROHS Compliant Fire-retardant ABS black
Secondary Rated Current 1mA Bobbin PBT
Ratio Error ≤±0.1% Core Nanocrystalline
Phase shift Error ≤±10分 Encapsulated Encapsulted
Hi-pot Test 3KV/1mA/1min Fixation Screw fixation
Insulation Class DC500V/1MΩmin Working Temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Accuracy Class Class 0.5 Relative Humidity ≤85%
Rated Continuous Hot Current 2A Output Connection Electrical shield wire or terminals

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