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KXRDCT21 open-close Hall sensor

  • Used in various power supplies, solar inverter systems,
  • industrial automation control, electric drives, motor servo systems,
  • power systems, railway signal systems and other industrial fields.
  • It can measure the current and voltage of arbitrary waveforms, such as DC, AC, pulse, triangle waveform, etc.;
  • Fast response speed, high measurement accuracy and good linearity;
  • Working frequency bandwidth: signals within the frequency range of 0-30 KHz can be measured;
  • Strong overload capacity and large measuring range;

KXRDCT21 open-close Hall sensor dimensions

Model No Dimensions
KXRDCT21 A               B               C               D               E               F               G               H               I
20            42            40             61             48             60             7.5              5                16

KXRDCT21 open-close Hall sensor diaphram

Hall sensor technical details

Measuring current range ≤ ±2000A
Output signal L0/V0 4-20mA, 0-5v, 2.5v+/-2V, +/-5V (customized)
Supply voltage V 9-30VDC single power supply, +/-12V, +/-15V dual power supply
Power consummption current mA <30 (+L0)mA
Offset voltage Voff(Ta 25°C) <30mV (IN=0)
Output voltage temperature drift Td 1mV/°C (-10°C-70°C)
Response time Tr ≤1MS
Insulation Voltage 2KV/min
Insulation resistance DC500V/100MΩ
Linearity +/-1%FS
Working temperature Ta 25°C-60°C
Storage temperature Ta -40°C to 70°C

Hall sensor typical curve